K-Day 2015: The Arrival

Yes indeedy-do, kiddoes. The first Mattel Hot Wheels K-Mart Amalgamated Incorporated Collectors’ Day of 2015 is here!

That is, it is going to be here on Saturday, February 14th — which also happens to be the date of the next Suncoast Diecasters meeting! So load up on Event goodies, then head on over to the Sports Bar (& Grill) for the meeting! The K-Day event has been added to our Calendar and links to the information* at the HotWheelsCollectors site.

*(By the way, HWC has changed the format of the K-Day info. Both the list of Event cars and the mail-in promo are now on a single page. Further, the cars are represented by backer-style illustrations rather than photographs.)

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