End-of-Summer Bonus: Thrift Store Find

Recently I dropped off some stuff at a local thrift store (no, no, not any cool toys; just some household junk I no longer needed). As I often do, after dropping off my suff at the back, I drove around to the front and went a-shopping. Found this amazing little fellow. This a racing truck from Kidco’s Burnin’ Key Cars line. As you may recall, I picked up a pair of BKCs back in 2009 (ironically, both were also racing trucks); however, both suffered from shelf-flats — tires that flattened over time due to literally sitting on a shelf too long. In surprising contrast, this model is in great condition.

They’re called Key Cars because each model came with a plastic key with a latch. The key fit into an opening at the back of the toy (arrow), and compressed an internal spring. Press the latch, and the vehicle zips across the floor. Watch this classic TV ad for a demonstration.

Please note the year embossed on the toy’s base: 1980. This toy is not just in great condition at first glance; it’s in great condition, especially considering it’s thirty-five years old! (And I was fifteen … Sigh….)

I was going to post this last Thursday, for “Throwback Thursday” (oh, social media, how did we ever communicate before you?). Then I realized I needed to finish up our August update. So, I figured I’d post this on this week’s Thursday. But it hit me: it’s the last Sunday of August, the last weekend of Summer 2015 — and maybe a little extra something would be a nice way to close out the season. Please remember that our Calendar has the latest K-Day info. I hope all you krazy kids had a great summer, and I’ll see you at our September meeting!

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