Check out our Vimeo Page!

Fellow collectors, Suncoast Diecasters has become quite the Social Media phenomenon! When we moved from a traditional HTML-coded website to this WordPress blog, we gained the ability to offer updates via e-mail subscription. Shortly after that, we added a Twitter feed. Then in January of last year, Original Ken and his daughter set up a Facebook page for our club (and I linked this blog to both feeds, so all three update simultaneously). Finally, with the advent of our second video, in August of last year I created a Vimeo account.

The people behind Vimeo are thoughtful enough to have even basic accounts offer decent compression so embedded videos load faster. And just like the other three outlets, a Vimeo account’s homepage can be dressed up. There’s no option for a “banner”, but it does allow for a custom address, so I chose — Well, you can find out right here!:

See you at the March meeting! Oh, don’t forget, tomorrow is K-Day!


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