K-Day, post-Irma, post-factum

The best part of today’s K-Day de Delay was Joel. He and his family moved here from (Chicago?) several months ago. He’s been a collector for years, but today was his first K-Day. He really had a good time. There was also great camaraderie, with K-Day regulars such Adam and Jayce.There was only one case this time (I don’t know if that had something to do with Irma or not), but everyone was gabbing and joking and sharing photos. Personally, I think this was the best K-Day we’ve had in a long time.

As I mentioned in our last post, I just went to see what I could find (once again, unmoved by the Special Colors or First-to-Market offers). I came away from the table with three cars, two of which I ended up putting on the pegs in the HW section of the toy department for some lucky kid to find. I got home with, yep, just one car again. But, ’tis a very sweet one:

New! For 2017! Which is nearly over!

New! For 2017! Which is nearly over!

This Firebird, with its hoodless engine, is cool enough as it stands. But that it’s also based on Brendon Vetuskey’s own vehicle makes it that much cooler.

I presume Mr. Vetuskey's vehicle is, you know, full-size.

I presume Mr. Vetuskey’s vehicle is, you know, full-size.

I hope your K-Day experience went well. See you at our October meeting!


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