December 2017!!!

A holiday family gathering…

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With appropriate musical accompaniment…

So, let us get to the photos!

(Oh, and our Calendar has been updated for 2018.)

December 2017

Our Christmas bonus for 2017 came in the form of a new member. We have Original Ken and Emergency Back-up Ken, and now along with Big Tractor Mike we have a bonus Michael! He’s a friend of BTM, and brought in some handiwork. The green-&-white tractor is BTM’s; Michael fixed the wheels and axles of it for him. The silver tractor is Doug’s, and Michael cut some clear plastic sheeting to make windows for its cab.

By the way, both models are 1/64th-scale.

By the way, both models are 1/64th-scale.

Michael also made the tanks. They were plain cardboard tubes with plastic endcaps. He painted them white, then bent thin steel rods to make the pipes.



Who’s that handsome fellow hiding in there?

Not it!

Not it!

Clearly that’s Doug’s tractor. But the real point here is not who’s hiding, but where the hiding is happening:

The broad side of a cliché.

The broad side of a cliché.

This is another custom build by Doug for BTM. I don’t recall what specific type of structure it is (I’m still a-waitin’ for an informative e-mail), but even though Doug says it’s not yet finished, I can tell you it’s really quite impressively detailed.



Heck, I’ll even show you!

All pieces hand-cut and hand-assembled by Doug.

All pieces hand-cut and hand-assembled by Doug.

Those square structures above Doug’s tractor are the bottom ends of these square structures.



I did say it’s impressively detailed, did I not?

Well, actually I typed it, but still...

Well, actually I typed it, but still…

The holiday spirit was flowing freely, as Tom RAOK’d Ken with two wonderful items. The first is this Dale Earnhardt-themed photo album.

(The pockets inside are empty; it's the cover that makes it collectible.)

(The pockets inside are empty; it’s the cover that makes it collectible.)

The second is this magnificent Brickyard 400 commemorative mug.



In keeping with the holidays, I merrily declare this genuinely wonderful (and wonderfully generous) dual gift to be Suncoast DiecastersDual Finds of the Month(*) for December 2017. Congratulations, Ken! (And thank you, Tom!)

This grumpy old race car I know once told me somethin': it's just an empty cup.

This grumpy old race car I know once told me somethin’: it’s just an empty cup.

See you at our January (2018!) meeting!


One thought on “December 2017!!!

  1. Hey Steve,
    We had a good meeting this December , yes a new member , Michael Paddack, lives in Riverview . Doug first met Michael on one of the Facebook farm boards we belong to. Michael is a customizer, dreamer, artist, I refer to him as Mr Creative Frugality !! More on that at next meeting !!
    Doug an I took a trip to Michaels house to see he collection. Pretty impressive as he makes his own standards, makes, creates what he likes, not saying he does not respect factory standards, but he does make some interesting stuff.
    Since then, Michael has cone over to Doug’s house once, been to a meeting once, and just yesterday , he came over to my house, repaired a few models. Made an awesome delivery, pics to be taken later, picked up some new models, and left with some future projects for me.
    Michael is a very cool ,talented individual , a fellow Christian , and all around nice guy !!!
    The structure you posted is a Granery, hand built by Doug for another customer of iff facebook, wish it was mine !!!
    MANY, MANY, MANY hours in this build for Doug !! To me this comes in second to his also scratch built dairy barn
    Hope everyone comes to our January meeting !! Loads of fun and good times to be had !!
    Come on down enjoy the food. Enjoy the company and talk about what you like in diecast !!
    And Steve, I believe I mentioned , my computer is diwn, and gas been fir some time, so I’m left with my phone. Please forward and questions about the meetings to me thru messanger, prefered please !!!
    THanks to everyone who came to our December meeting , hope to see you in January !!!
    God Bless you all !!!!
    Btm / bigtractormike

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