January 2018 Update: Great Start to the New Year!

You may recall that previous years’ January updates were lightweight affairs. Post-holiday wind-down, attendance was low, and few if any trades took place. This year, our January meeting was radically, wonderfully different — a good crowd, and some serious treasure-tradin’ and car-findin’!. So get to the photos!

January 2018

You’ve seen various farm dioramas from Big Tractor Mike before. Well, sir, I walked into our January meeting and hardly got situated, when I looked over and saw the biggest display BTM had yet brought in. BTM asked for several photos; I took ten photos overall, including a few focusing on a certain special black truck. Later I’ll update this update with info from BTM on what you’re seeing here. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ed was in attendance, and brought in a wonderful variety of models: Treasure Hunts, almost all in Kar Keepers; quality loose models in Jammers; packaged sets; and … the cardboard box.

It was about a foot square, and loaded with loosies priced at “priced to move” prices. A few guys began cautiously picking through the box. Then Ed, to ease their hunting, unceremoniously dumped the whole thing out onto the table:



From this forlorn pile of rejectlings several treasures were found. For example, here are the ones Original Ken acquired:

Matchbox ambulance, and High Speed police car.

Matchbox ambulance, and High Speed police car.

Matchbox Mayflower moving truck with opening rear doors (and without rear axle).

Matchbox Mayflower moving truck with opening rear doors (and without rear axle).

Ferrari Testarossa, a transitional Corgi casting issued by Hot Wheels. The blue Malibu with flames is a Jada, from Big Rob's son Robby

Ferrari Testarossa, a transitional Corgi casting issued by Hot Wheels. The blue Malibu with flames is a Jada, from Big Rob’s son Robby

Speaking of Kar Keepers: I told you I would, and I did. I asked around at the meeting if anyone had a Kar Keeper or Protecto Pak. Big Tractor Mike demonstrated some left-over holiday spirit and RAOK’d me with a P’Pak! Later, I secured my Milano as promised.

See? The one Milano is safely MOC in the shell, while the other can be displa-- THE DEATH STAR HAS CLEARED THE CARDBOARD! THE DEATH STAR HAS CLEARED THE CARDBOARD!

See? The one Milano is safely MOC in the shell, while the other can be displa– THE DEATH STAR HAS CLEARED THE CARDBOARD! THE DEATH STAR HAS CLEARED THE CARDBOARD!

Ken got this sweet Zee (Zylmex) school bus from BTM. Overall the package is in really nice condition, with beautiful artwork.

I'd give this Zee an "A".

I’d give this Zee an “A”.

By the way, I was originally going to not point out the vintage price tag, as Wal-mart is quite contemporary. But then I thought about the fact that Zylmex has been gone for a while. In fact, according to the Zylmex Tribute Page, the company went out of business in 1996. As of this writing, that’s twenty-two years ago — in other words, nearly a quarter of a century. I guess that’s pretty darn close to vintage.

(I haven’t included a separate photo of the price tag because this image is very close to the original’s size, and is quite clear.)

Big Rob had a nice assortment of Johnny Lighting Lost in Space miniatures, and sold this Robot B-9 to … somebody. Seriously, neither Rob nor Ken nor myself can remember who bought this. Even so: Enjoy your recent purchase, Unknown Suncoast Diecasters Member!

Mystery Collector; Are you ready for your Mystery Collector?

Mystery Collector; Are you ready for your Mystery Collector?

As club photographer, I’m always taking photos of people’s treasures. But at this meeting, something unique and wonderful happened: Ken took photos of my treasures! Ken was impressed by the cars I found, and snapped photos for our club’s Facebook page. For example, from Robby, Big Rob’s son, I bought this NASCAR Stocker. Very good condition. This is the version which says “Racing Stocker” on the base. While not the exceedingly rare “Mountain Dew Stocker” version, I am nonetheless very happy with this model.

Although, to be honest, I'm a Coca-Cola man myself.

Although, to be honest, I’m a Coca-Cola man myself.

From Ed’s pile-o-playthings, I found three cool models. First is this Mercedes convertible by TootsieToy.

This is a really good-looking casting.

This is a really good-looking casting.

Then I got these two unusual Hot Wheels models:

Okay, that … that photograph might be a little misleading. Actually, I posted it to proved these are Hot Wheels-branded. Further, they’re copyrighted 1985. And that’s all we know about them. Here are the actual models:



As you can see, they’re somewhat cartoonishly proportioned. Both have the same base, and the same construction: The one-piece engine/interior simply snaps into the body shell. Both have friction motors. The blue is gummy, and goes neither far nor fast. The red on the other hand still performs relatively well.

However, quite seriously, no-one in the club has any idea where these models are from. Not even Ed, who had them in his cardboard box. So if any of you fellow collectors out there can shed any light on these mystery mobiles, please let us know in the Comments. Thanks!

So, let me make this official: 2018 starts off grandly with Dual Finds of the Month(**): Ken’s classic Zee bus, and my Hot Wheels oddball unknowns. Three cheers and a tiger for us!

…And, our January updated was posted with a tiny little sliver of January left! Celebratory victory dance!

See you at our February meeting!


3 thoughts on “January 2018 Update: Great Start to the New Year!

    • Yes, I’ve done it before. There are two options. 1) Upload a single large photo, have it scaled down by the blog software when inserted into a post, and link to itself for a full-size view. Upside: only one file uploaded. Downside: Photo could look “blocky” when reduced. 2) Upload both a large and small photo, and link the small photo to the large one. Upside: Clear, focused photo in the post. Downside: Uploading two files instead of just one, using more library storage.

      I prefer the two-file method, because it not only ensures clear post photos, it also uses less storage overall when a small photo does *not* have an accompanying larger one, since not every photo in a post needs that option.

  1. Hey Steve , another great update to he had !! Yes I’m concentrating more and more on 1/ 64 th farm models / buildings and such.
    The Black Truck you mentioned is totally awesome dude !!!
    It is a custom built by our newest memeber, Michael Paddack. Doug met Michael first on facebook on some of the farm pages we frequent, , we’ll Michael invited Doug over to his house , and I asked if I could go, very hard to find fellow farm guys locally , See Doug builds custom wood buildings and Michael builds / modifies / customizes farm models . Doug built a building fir Michael and Michael did some work for Doug.
    Anyhow , had a great time at Michaels house came home with a few new treasures , will leaving a few behind myself
    I invited Michael to our meeting and the rest is history . Michael is my go to guy for customizing models now.
    When Michael came to our meeting, showed him some castings , threw him some ideas , and out came this black semi cab.
    It is a mix of parts , old new and in between, the cab is a matchbox king size Scamell log truck cab, cut up / down / and maybe sideways , the farm is DCP , along with other parts, along with found, borrowed , made , accessory parts added on. It is one beautiful looking model, better than any store bought truck you can find !! Michael did a freaking awesome job on this.
    Michael is easy to work with, lots of ideas on his head, likes to try this or that or maybe this. And all around good guy. As long as I have models he wants, think I will be good for a while getting some more custom work done !! LOL
    and Steve, you didn’t even mention the collection I traded fir with Big Rob !! Traded all of his stuff for that Japanes tin coast Guard boat.
    And the robot , was then mine and purchased by alternate Ken.
    Well enough for now !! Hope our Feb. Meeting is as good as or better than Jan. Should have some more cool models to show on another set up
    Thanks again for the great reports , and I think you are a little bias, on your finds of the month, seems you are picking yours more and more !!!

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