Post-pre-Christmas sale post!

Well, our first pre-Christmas sale is under our collective belt.  Not as big a crowd as we’d hoped, but overall it went well.  Little Ben picked up a bunch of stocking stuffers; Kenny snagged the Nov-07 K-mart three-car set, as well as several treasures; Ed checked off several items on his “Ain’t got it yet” list; and the big winner, as it were (and by “big”, we mean the literal size of the box), was ToyCarGuy, who picked up a 1978 Matchbox Super Garage from Big Tractor Mike at a very “spirit of the holidays” price!


Our Christmas display, by our very own ToyCarGuy, features the ’99 “Scorchin’ Scooter” mini-diorama; the ’96 Christmas-edition Nomad; a micro-ornament Kenny gave him last year; and one of them there “Christmas village” decorations (with working lights even!).


Here’s the MB Super Garage, as posed at the Sports Bar.  The box is in very good condition, considering it’s a 1978 edition.


A teaser-pic of the Super Garage, assembled to a sub-minimal level. TCG placed the VW Drag Truck on the upper left end to give you a sense of scale.  The previous owner was clearly very thoughtful, bagging all the loose parts and even providing photocopies of the instructions.


Yes, ToyCarGuy did the geek thing and ordered the official license plate frame, which arrived on Dec. 24th.  Yep, it arrived literally just in time for Christmas!  So, TCG will therefore gleefully tell you that this indeed has been…

…The Bestest Christmas Ever!


November 2007


It’s no mystery…
…That the 2008 Mystery edition of Monoposto is one nicely-done design.  Yes, that’s right, two thousand eight!  This is ToyCarGuy’s second ’08 Mystery car, and no, it’s not for sale.  However, his first one is…!

What a tease!

So, what’s TCG’s first ’08 Mystery car?  Welllll, you’ll just have to come to the Dec. 08th meeting to find out!

Toot, Toot, Tootsie — Good Buy!

Bill, one of our newer members, brought a box full of classic Tootsietoy miniature cars.  Priced very reasonably, they were readily snapped up by other members.  Here’s a small sample, now in ToyCarGuy’s happy hands (the two in the foreground were purchased from Big Tractor Mike several meetings ago; the eight in back are from Bill).
10 Tootsies
The big noise last weekend was the Tampa Bay Auto Show.  However, ToyCarGuy eschewed synthetic modernity for the classic steel on display at the Zephyrhills Auto Auction.  There, he met some nice folks with a huge collection who will hopefully stop by a Diecasters meeting.  From these folks TCG picked up the Ira Gilford commemorative Twin Mill, as well as a 2-pack which features Dean Jeffries’ sweeet Mantaray!
Sweet '64th rides
Here are ToyCarGuy’s pics from the Zephyrhills show:
1/64th   goes   1:1

Miniature cars can be very nicely crafted, really great to look at.  But every now and then, you say to yourself, “Man, I wonder how this would look full-size!”  Perhaps you’ve seen Chris Foose’s full-scale Twin Mill; and yeah, it’s sweet.  Well, one of our very own Diecasters owns a vehicle that looks as much like a full-size Hot Wheels as the ‘Mill.  From the metal-flake olive green of the body to the “orange track” orange of the stripes, this “Real Rider” is certainly a collector’s dream.  Just add a room-size plastic blister and a 20-foot-high cardboard backer, and the illusion is complete!  Suncoast Diecasters proudly presents…
Big Rob's Ranchero
Face me!

September 2007

Got some pics of our Sep. 08 meeting for you to peruse and enjoy!
Big Tractor Mike has thousands of cars in his bins…sep08-01-btm01.jpg
…organized in various ways.sep08-01-btm02.jpg
Kenny’s sea of MOCssep08-03-k01.jpg
Kenny also brought some fine yellow boxes this timesep08-04-k02.jpg
ToyCarGuy’s varied…sep08-05-tcg01.jpg
…and various offeringssep08-06-tcg02.jpg
Some guests from the Tampa club visited…sep08-07-g01.jpg
…and brought variations, RLC exclusives and T-Hunts galore!sep08-08-g02.jpg

August 2007

HW Jet Threat 4.0 3/4HW Jet Threat 4.0 4/4
The MOC in the back will be on the trading table at the Sep. 8th meeting (hint, hint!).

Hot Wheels’ Jet Threat 4.0, courtesy ToyCarGuy

HW Jet Threat 4.0 1/4
HW Jet Threat 4.0 2/4

ToyCarGuy picked up Hallmark’s 2007 Rodger Dodger
Christmas ornament.  Here’s some “glamour shots” for ya!

ToyCarGuy's Rodger Dodger - box and ornament
Portrait of a car and its portrait
Working headlights
Pressing on the engine activates the headlights…
Working taillights

…and the taillights.  (They shut off after 30 seconds.)
Comparing toy and ornament
Comparing the ornament to an original
‘Dodger that TCG bought from Kenny

July 2007

Big Tractor Mike’s
Big Tractor Collection!
Turnpike 01
Turnpike 02
Yard 01
Yard 02
Above: Note Mike’s, uh, “water front” construction yard!

The 2006 Club Truck
'06 Club Trucks
Sorry, the ’06 trucks are sold out!

June 2007

Some of the fine vehicles that have traded hands at Suncoast Diecasters. (L to R) A well-loved Cannonade (Hot Wheels); a rather well-kept Saturn Seeker (Fast111s); an incredibly rare Wisconsin Warpath (Hot Wheels); and a pristine Cosmobile (Matchbox)
By Way Of Introduction…

Suncoast Diecasters' very first gallery photo!

Suncoast Diecasters’ very first gallery photo!

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