Mike C.

Mike C.’s MegaForce Menagerie!

Here’s a portrait shot of the card, in case you ain’t done seen one before.  And dig the classic Kay-Bee sticker!  (99 frippin’ cents!  You kids have no idea how I kick myself for not grabbing these when they were originally on the pegs.)
Mike C.'s collection
…And here be the mack-daddy of MegaForce collectibles: The TAC-COM command vehicle.  Very nice miniature; the full-size working vehicle in the movie bounces around like it’s made of maybe four pounds of plywood, but at least the toy turned out nicely.
Mike C.'s collection
Mega Destoyer.  Also known as Enforcer, or … heck, pick a name, Mattel’s probably used it during the countless re-issues of this model.
Mike C.'s collection
Mega Destoyer, night mode.  See, in the movie, a Mega Destroyer’s systems could “detect” when it was night, and change the armour to black so the vehicle would be all stealthy.
Mike C.'s collection
Battle Tank.  ‘Nuff said.
Mike C.'s collection
Personnel Carrier.  Based on the Bronco 4-Wheeler.
Mike C.'s collection
Personnel Carrier.  Based on the Bronco 4-Wheeler.
Mike C.'s collection
Ha!  Bet you think I just mistakenly copied the above section, don’tcha?  Nope, if you look carefully at the two photos above (or with normal awakedness at the photo below), you’ll see there are two versions of the MegaForce Personnel Carrier.
Mike C.'s collection
Mike C.’s brother gave him a very rare Hot Wheels, mint in the package: it’s the Cargo Lift from France, still in the Frech cube! The Cargo Lift seems to be based on Hiway Hauler, or perhaps American Tipper, or maybe American Hauler.
Mike C.'s collection
Mike C. bloody well added this fair mate to ‘is collection: The exceedingly rare Sir Rodney Roadster. A fine gent from London-town, and no mistake! Coo, wha’ a sight!
Mike C.'s Collection
I’ll let Mike explain this shot, from his e-mail: From Right to Left; Red Line Yellow, super hard to find. Green I picked up from Big Tractor Mike; Ultra rare Orange, orange is the rarest of the Sir Rodney Roadsters; next is Black wall Yellow and the Metal one from France. Thanks, Mike! You told us everything, except where you got that sweet Hot Wheels display….
Mike C.'s firin' up the grill! Wait....

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