Gary Strosser

In Memory of
Gary Strosser
May 17, 1955 – February 01, 2017

Long-time readers of Suncoast Diecasters know Gary as Emergency Back-up Ken’s wingman. Gary’s passing, clearly sad enough in itself, also has a tone of ironic bittersweetness. Per EBU Ken, last month Gary bought a 1933 Ford coupe kit car; he and Ken were planning to arrive at our February meeting in it to make a “grand entrance”.

I had a sort of second-hand, round-about involvement in bringing Gary into our club: Several years ago, my mother and I had a table at a community rummage sale. This fellow walks up and looks over the toy cars I had on display. In the course of conversation, I learned that his name is Ken, and that he particularly collects garbage trucks. I told him of Suncoast Diecasters, and that we have a co-president whose name is Ken, who particularly collects garbage trucks. Rummage sale Ken eventually joined our club, and that’s how we came to have an Original Ken and an Emergency Back-up Ken. Often accompanying EBU Ken, Gary eventually became a member himself.

Gary and EBU Ken always had lunch together during our meetings, chatting away endlessly about whatever topic came to mind. Gary will be very much missed.


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