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3 thoughts on “Subscribe / Follow

  1. Dear Sir,
    My name is Kathleen, I was referred to you by Frank Lauterman. I have a very large Nascar diecast Collection. The items that I have in this collection are from 1997 and older. Nothing was purchased after 1997. I am searching for a place to place my collection for sale. Do you know of anyone that I might speak with that might house my collection for sale. I am in no hurry to sell the collection. I have a catalog listing of all the cars that I can email to anyone that might be interested. Would you be so kind as to let me know of any ideas that you might have. I have sold my home where the collection is housed and I do not want to place it into storage. I have little storage where I am going in my condo.
    If you would please email me at – I would be happy to reply back to you with a copy of the file listing all the cars and other items. I own the Feather Sound News you can also reach me from my website
    Thank you kindly

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